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Custom Printed Quality Control Tags

The quality control tags (QC Tags) also referred to as assurance tags, are used to keep track of products to make sure that only those that meet certain standards are accepted. It helps to ensure the standard of acceptance and quality. This tag is custom printed based on the company's operations. It includes areas to write the product description, product ID, quantity, batch number, release date, etc. It can be a single tag or one with multiple parts/copies and the last copy being a card stock paper, manila, or colored paper. It also consecutively numbered, perforated, and has eyelets. The optional wire attachments are available.

The material can be paper or plastic such as synthetic Tyvek ® which is more conducive to outdoor/water elements. You can purchase this product online or request a price quote for customized orders. Be prepared to perform quality control with tags that are professionally designed and printed for the job. 

Size: 3 1/8 x 6 1/4 (other sizes available)
Ink color: Black Ink
Format: Single of multi-part for carbon copy. The last copy is card stock.
Numbering: Consecutively numbered


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