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The field ticket is a document or forms used in various industries, such as construction, oil and gas, maintenance, or field services, to track and document work performed at a specific location or site. It serves as a record of tasks completed, materials used, time spent, and any relevant observations or notes.


Field tickets typically include information such as:

  • Job Details: The ticket will identify the job or project being worked on, including the location, site name, or client information.
  • Work description: It outlines the specific tasks or services performed by the field personnel. This can include activities like installations, repairs, inspections, or maintenance work.
  • Time and date: The field ticket includes the date and time the work was started and completed. It helps track the duration of the job and the resources allocated.
  • Labor and personnel: It records the names or identification of the field technicians or workers involved in the job. This helps in tracking individual contributions and accountability.
  • Materials and equipment: The field ticket documents the materials, equipment, tools, or supplies used during the job. This helps in tracking inventory and cost management.
  • Observations and notes: Field personnel can include any observations, comments, or additional information relevant to the job. This may include issues encountered, recommended follow-up actions, or any other noteworthy details.


Field tickets are typically filled out on-site by the field personnel or technicians performing the work. They serve as a crucial record for billing purposes, project management, documentation of completed work, and maintaining a historical record of activities at a specific location or site.


Field tickets are commonly used in several industries that involve on-site work and services. Some of the businesses that frequently utilize field tickets include Construction, Oil and Gas, Field Services, Telecommunications Utilities, Facility Management, Engineering and Consulting, and Landscaping and Outdoor Services.


These are just a few examples, and field tickets can be adapted and utilized by various businesses that require on-site work, services, or maintenance.

Custom Printed. Customizable


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