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Item#: 92508

  • Size: 8.625" x 3.625"
  • Min/QTY: 250
  • Price: $127.40


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Discreet Document Delivery: Personalized Self-Seal Confidential Envelopes

Protect sensitive information and maintain professionalism with custom-printed envelopes featuring a secure window and self-sealing closure. DesignsnPrint.com offers a variety of sizes and personalization options to suit your specific needs.

Safeguard confidential documents while streamlining your mailing process with DesignsnPrint.com's Single Window Confidential Envelope Self Seal. This convenient and secure envelope solution features:

  • Window Size: 4" x 1"; 9/16" from bottom; 5/8" from left.
  • Privacy tint: Keeps contents shielded from prying eyes while the recipient's address remains visible through the window.
  • Self-seal closure: Ensures a quick and tamper-evident seal for added security.
  • Personalization: Pre-print your return address for a professional touch and eliminate the need for manual addressing.
  • Multiple size options: Choose from standard business envelope sizes to accommodate various document types.
  • High-quality paper: Sturdy and reliable construction for a professional presentation.
  • Reduce mailing delays: Designed to fit checks perfectly, so destination and return addresses won't slide out of view
  • Personalization Imprint Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Red, Reflex Blue, and Yellow

DesignsnPrint.com makes it easy to order your custom-printed confidential envelopes in bulk at competitive prices. Enjoy fast turnaround times and secure shipping to ensure your envelopes arrive promptly and ready to use.


Protect your privacy and elevate your brand image. Order your personalized Single Window Confidential Envelopes Self Seal today!

Item#: 92508


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