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Luxury Retail Paper Shopping Bags

Luxury Retail Paper Shopping Bags

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Luxury Retail Paper Shopping Bags

Use luxury retail paper shopping bags in your retail outlet to offer true value to customers and build brand loyalty. What better way to package items sold in your boutique, department store, or shop, than in stylish retail paper bags. These bags are attractive and made specifically for the upscale shopper. They can be used to package items sold during the normal operation of business all year round or during the holiday seasons. We believe in producing high-quality luxury paper bags that add value to your business and the customer shopping experience. 

Types of Luxury Paper Bags for Retail Shopping

Selecting the right paper bag will depend on factors that are relevant to its use. We make it easy for you to make a purchase by considering the following options.

The Size: We offer four main sizes. Extra-Large or Large, Medium, or Small.
Extra-Large (20 x 6 x 16")
Large (16" x 12")
Medium (10" x 10")
Small (7" x 7")

Colors: The color you select will depend on things like your brand, the time of the year, and the message you are conveying. We offer many colors including the standard ones like red, black, white, green, blue, gold, and silver. You can also select from paper bags that are made with a combination of colors and patterns like stripes or dots. 

Shape: Each bag is either rectangular or square-shaped with a flat bottom so that it can stand vertically. This allows for easy packaging experience and at the same time retaining the sophisticated look. The twisted rope handles complete the attractive design. 

How to use Luxury Retail Shopping Bags

These paper bags can be personalized by printing or hot stamp your logo to create a better brand identity. Enquire about the bank ink colors that we offer. Custom printed bags offer a level of personalization that makes your products more relevant and customers can relate to whatever you are selling. These bags are not only used in retail outlets and stores but also used at events to packaging items as gifts. They are used in businesses and organizations like churches, non-profits, government, etc., on special occasions like anniversaries.