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Postage Savings
Processing Efficiency

Pressure seal double postcards in a Two-Wide Form gives rise to faster imaging, higher productivity, fewer click charges, and split and mailed. Postage saving based on first-class rates. Save over 40% compared to envelop mail. Use these pressure seal postcards
to send:
Rebates Checks
Class Action Checks
Direct Mail
Legal Communication

Pressure Seal Double Postcards are used by businesses such as large mail houses, financial institutions utility companies, insurance companies, retail programs, and the hospitality industry.

Double Postcard Standards:

The reply half of a double card must be used for reply only and may not be used to onvey a message to the original
addressee or to send statements of account. The reply half may be formatted for response purposes. (e.g., cointain 
blocks for completion by the addressee).

A double card must be folded so that the address on the reply half is on the inside when the double card is originally mailed.

Seal at the top or bottom once the card is folded so that the inner surfaces of the cards can be readily examined. Any
sealing on the felt and right sides of the cards, no matter the sealing process used is not permitted.

The first half of a double card must be detached when the reply half is mailed for return.

The message is protected/hidden by the top sheet.
Not recommended for HIPPA information
Truncated information suggested.

Available as cut sheet laser, roll laser, roll inkjet or stock cut sheet

Processing Efficiency


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